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Parking and Parent Drivers

Students from Tamarack Common will be bused to Jackson Heights.  Their buses will park on Jackson Road.  Handicapped parking and day care bussing will have a dedicated area in the drive through.

Assigned school parking stalls are rented by staff during the school year. We request parent cooperation by not parking in staff stalls in the school parking lot. Very limited space is available on the west side of the parking lot for school volunteers, visitors, and parents. Additional parking is available on public roadways adjacent to the school. Please observe parking restriction signs and be considerate of our neighbours’ properties.

The parking lot is out-of-bounds to students at all times. In consideration for the safety of all students, parents are asked not to use the parking lot as a drop-off or pick-up area for their children.

Drivers are reminded that no parking is permitted in the drop-off lane in front of the school. Drivers must remain in their vehicle at all times, and be prepared to move forward in the lane as space permits. Students must exit their vehicle on the curb side only.  The second lane of the drive through is for driving through. DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD OFF OR PICK UP FROM THIS LANE. Parent and driver cooperation, courtesy and patience help to make student drop-off and pick-up times safe and efficient for all.  

It is important for parents to set the example for children by using marked crosswalks and obeying directions of the AMA School Patrols. Police may be contacted to handle repeated disregard for traffic and parking regulation in addition to their regular patrol of the school area. We work closely with the City of Edmonton Traffic Department and the Edmonton City Police to monitor and respond to traffic safety concerns.