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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Jackson Heights School, as an advocate of lifelong learning, supports students to be independent thinkers and responsible citizens in a positive, challenging and diverse learning environment. We believe that this goal is realized by emphasizing teaching excellence through development of individual expertise and team collaboration; successful learning where students are challenged to become engaged learners as expressed in a variety of ways; citizenship and healthy living. We strive to create a positive learning environment where students, as responsible global citizens, feel accepted and safe. We feel that a strong sense of community is developed through school-wide events, classes working together, and celebrating our diversity. We recognize that strong literacy, numeracy and technology skills are essential for students to become life-long learners who ask questions, think critically, and problem solve in our knowledge-based society.



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  • Volunteering


    Parent and community volunteers contribute many hours of their time, energy, and talent for the benefit of students and the school.  There are a variety of opportunities to become involved. Requests for volunteers are shared in school and classroom newsletters as needs arise. Volunteers who are able to commit 15 minutes twice a week are especially valued as Reading Mentors for individual students.  Regular assistance in the library is greatly appreciated. Whether at school or at home, any time given to support students in their learning experiences is valuable. Preschool siblings cannot be accommodated in classrooms during learning time.

    All volunteers are asked to check-in at the office on each visit. In the event of an emergency situation, office staff must be aware of and account for all individuals in the school. Volunteers are asked to wear a school volunteer badge to identify themselves to students and staff.


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Welcome to the Jackson Heights School website. On behalf of the staff, I want to thank you for choosing Edmonton Public Schools and Jackson Heights School. During your time here, I hope we can develop outstanding partnerships to build a learning community that meets the academic, social and emotional needs of your child(ren).

I believe positive relationships are key to the work we do as educators.  We are very fortunate that Jackson Heights School has a wonderful teaching and support staff team; along with supportive families and awesome students.  As a staff, we value and embrace the diversity of our school population. We will always strive to create a school community that is warm, compassionate and respectful. You will find me to be approachable and very present throughout the school.  I encourage everyone to be involved and engaged. 


Please Note:  Jackson Heights School is a Level 2 closed boundary school. Current students are not affected by this change should they wish to continue at the school. New students must live in one of the following communities to be considered at Jackson Heights School: Jackson Heights, Tamarack Common, Aster Central. Yellow Bus Service is only provided to this school if you reside in Tamarack Common or Aster Central.

As outlined in Division regulations, the only new students accepted to our school during pre-enrolment are:

  1. Resident students who live within the attendance area.
  2. Siblings of current students who will be returning to the school the following year.

If the student you are registering or pre-enrolling meets one of these criteria for the 2024-2025 school year, please register them online (new students) or pre-enrol through SchoolZone (existing students) starting Feb 1. 2024.

Following the close of pre-enrolment at 4 pm on March 22, 2024, the school will only accept resident students who have newly moved into the attendance area or resident students eligible for Kindergarten.

Additional documentation may be required, including additional address documents, or immigration documents for students who are not Canadian citizens. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to accept Property tax bill, Driver's license, Bank statement, Mutual funds or Retirement Saving Plans. We accept:

    • electricity bill, natural gas bill or City of Edmonton utilities bill -  and
    • mortgage document with proof of home insurance or
    • lease agreement with proof of tenant insurance



Mr. Shannon McMorran



Pre-enrol in SchoolZone
Help us prepare for the 2024–25 school year! Sign in to your parent SchoolZone account between February 1 and March 22 to select your child’s preferred school. 

Whether your child is staying at the same school or changing schools, all students need to pre-enrol. Knowing how many students to expect helps schools prepare to welcome them in September. 

If you need help, contact the school by email at jacksonheights@epsb.ca or read the pre-enrolment handout on Schoolzone.

More Pre-enrolment info here.