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As neighbours to the Burnewood Community League, Jackson Heights  School has a positive working relationship with the local community. Our parent association has been supported by the community league through financial support for citizenship and Artist in Residence programs.

Reporting Vandalism   

We take great pride in our school building, grounds, furniture, equipment and resources. Respect and care for school property is everyone’s responsibility.

In circumstances where a student is deemed to be responsible, either in whole or in part, for damage or defacement of school property, or the personal property of others, repair or replacement costs will be the responsibility of the student and parent.

Vandalism occurring outside of school hours costs the school valuable educational dollars. If you witness vandalism or suspicious acts, please call the Edmonton Police Service at 780.423.4567 or 911 (Emergency), or Edmonton Public Schools Security Services at 780.429.8295. The school will prosecute offenders and attempt to obtain restitution for damages.