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School Programming

Jackson Heights School serves Kindergarten to Grade 6 students in a Regular program and an Interactions Program for children with autism.  Our school observes the requirements of the curriculum set out by Alberta Education. There is an emphasis on literacy and numeracy to support the priorities determined by our district. Students experience parts of the curriculum through a cross-curricular Universal Design for Learning approach to learning. Sharing learning in a variety of ways and providing choice, are important components of this approach.

French as a Second Language (FSL) instruction is provided to students in Grades 4, 5, and 6.  A Music program based on the Orff philosophy is offered from Kindergarten to Grade 6 for a minimum of 60 minutes per week, as recommended by Alberta Education.  Experiences in movement and dance are provided as an integrated extension to the Music and Physical Education programs.  Jackson Heights School has a character education program that encourages students to "Be The Change". We focus on the fundamental values of Peace, Change, Community, and Hope. We encourage all students to be leaders in our school and to be involved in acts of service for our community.  A variety of activities support our commitment to daily physical activity.  Fitness, wellness, and overall good health are promoted at JHS. 

High expectations for academic performance, character, conduct and citizenship, and for a caring and safe learning environment are upheld by staff in our work with students. At Jackson Heights School, we believe that every person is special and unique. Everyone has their own strengths to offer our learning community. We know that everyone learns in different ways. We honour and celebrate our cultural, intellectual and linguistic diversity. We all learn in different ways and we encourage our students to show their learning in a variety of ways.

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