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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunch Program        

We strongly believe that a break from the school building and from school routines, and a walk in the fresh air are important for school children during the lunch hour.  We encourage parents to have their children get a break and eat lunch away from school. However, we can appreciate that certain family circumstances and choice of school necessitate a child having to stay at school for lunch, and in these situations we are able to provide assistance.

Students in Grade 1 to 6 who must stay at school for lunch must register for the program and pay a daily fee. Students are to provide their own lunch. Lunch fees cover the cost of lunch supervision and related expenses, and can not be taken from school educational funds. Lunch supervisors are hired to supervise students who stay at school for lunch.

The fee for students who stay at school for lunch daily in the 2020-2021 school year is to be determined in the fall.

A signed and dated note from the parent is required if a child who regularly eats at school is to go to a friend’s home, or if a child will be picked-up from the school at lunchtime by the parent or designated individual.

School lunch services may be suspended for children whose behaviour requires a level of service greater than the school can provide. Parents will be notified and the child will be given the opportunity to meet behaviour expectations before such a decision is made by the Principal.

Students staying at school for lunch are supervised during an outdoor play period for half of the lunch hour and eat their lunch indoors during the other half of the time, sitting at their own desks in their classrooms. Microwaves and eating utensils are not available for student use. Use of reusable or recyclable containers is strongly encouraged, and students are asked to take any leftovers home.  NOTE: Students who leave the school for lunch are not to return to school before 12:10 p.m.

Parents or community members who would like to apply to work as regular or substitute lunch supervisors (paid position) should call the Jackson Heights School office at 780-465-9797 for application information. Security clearances are required.

Allergies: It is crucial that the school be made aware of any allergies, their severity and any actions or treatment that may be required in the event of an allergic reaction. Life-threatening nut allergies are increasingly common among children. Therefore, Jackson Heights School supports a “NO NUTS” policy. Although it is not possible to guarantee freedom from allergen contamination, staff makes every effort to exhibit due care and responsibility in providing the safest environment possible for children. Trading/sharing of snacks and lunches is actively discouraged. Parent and student cooperation in not bringing any nuts or nut products to school is required and is greatly appreciated.  In addition, we request that no strong scents (e.g., perfumes, hair/body products) be worn in the school building to help to minimize allergic reactions for students, staff, and volunteers with respiratory allergies or asthma.