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Classroom Chemistry

The Atoms Family
This family is not quite like the Adams Family you may have seen on TV Here you will find out about the Atom family, energy conservation, kinetic, and potential energy, the principles of atoms and matter, properties of light, waves, and particles, fuel conservation and energy transfer, plus different forms of electricity and electrical safety, as a takeoff based on the TV show.

Chem4Kids is a good introduction to chemistry for kids who are in grades 4 - 9. There are sections on Matter, Atoms, Elements and Reactions.

This web site explains the Periodic Table of the Elements, with a legend explaining what type of element each one is. Each element leads to an in depth description of it's properties.

Web Elements
Web Elements shows you the chemical periodic table. Click on a chemical compound and it will give you essential information about the chemical, like name, weight, location in periodic table as well as a description of it. Movies, sound and comics involving the chemical make this web site more interesting. However, be aware that these features often require audio players or quicktime to be installed first and may run slowing on older model computers.

SMILE Program Chemistry Index
Science and Mathematics Initiative for Learning Enhancement (SMILE) has biology, chemistry, physics and math lessons and activities for elementary and high school students. There are over 800 lessons available.

Weather Watch

Clouds and Precipitation
The University of Illinois has definitions, diagrams and photographs to explain the different types of clouds and precipitation.

Edheads Weather
This interactive site lets you report and practice predicting the weather by reading weather symbols and reading weather conditions.

Environment Canada
Find the weather forecast by Environment Canada, the government department that provides us with information on weather, issues about protecting and using the environment and Canada's wildlife. Be sure to visit the Weather Office with a map of current temperatures across Canada

Weather Eye
Check out the Cadet section which teaches grades 2 - 8 about weather. Parents, teachers and experts can also learn from this web site.

Wetland Ecosystems

Environment Canada - Wetlands This Canadian government department explains facts about wetlands using questions and answers in a simple, brief format.

Canada's Aquatic Environments
Learn about the wetlands of Canada; their location, importance and threats as well as the types of wetlands.

Ducks Unlimited Canada Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. Learn how these habitats also benefit other wildlife and people.

Green Street This site takes you outside to celebrate nature! Explore the endangered plants and animals of wetlands.

Mechanisms Using Electricity

Electricity and Magnetism
This is a series of experiments about electricity and magnetism that matches Alberta's Grade 5 science curriculum

Green Learning Alberta Learn about Alberta based site that introduces you to Electricity and Mechanisms using Electricity through 30 different activities that include circuits to building a house fillled with energy efficient appliances.


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